Best Selection To Use Honor 90: Improve Your Eyes’ Experience

Jose Simpton

There's no doubt that a phone with a camera has become a staple in many people's lives, especially when it comes to life and working out. Nowadays many smartphones support a camera to improve clarity and enjoyment to record happy moments of life, details of materials, and files. Meanwhile, HONOR 90 supports good-looking and eye protection. In this blog post, we will discuss the technology behind honor90 and how it can help improve your eyes’ experience.

How HONOR 90 Helps You Enjoy Vision

Multi-option Colors

HONOR 90 has treble colors for you to choose from diamond silver, emerald green, and midnight black. Each color has its absorbing brightness, especially the diamond sliver color, it could reflect lights like the diamond. This color is the exclusive color which means only you buy HONOR 90 at the HONOR store you can see this color. The pleasing appearance will attract peoples attention and make you become the focus of the crowd.

Ultra-clear Camera

The camera on HONOR 90 will bring you a new experience in taking pictures with the phone. The camera system includes a 2000 MP Ultra-Clear camera (f/1.9), 12MP Ultra Wide and Macro camera (f/2.4), and 2MP depth camera (f/2.4). These cameras provide a large range for you to photos from the sky to little ants. The ultra-clear camera will catch more details for you to help you remember the moment at work or in travel. High-quality pictures make a difference in our memories, as all we know, memories always have jokes for us. Especially in work, the right details are very important. You even can picture the files and save them. In life, ultra-clear photos revoke happy memories that help us go through tough times. It also brings sweet laughs at family parties when we all look at photos.

3840Hz Risk-Free Dimming Display

HONOR 90 has a 3840Hz Risk-Free Dimming Display which brings you a better visual experience especially watching videos and playing games. The quad-curved screen has 1.5 resolution, 1600nit peak brightness, and DCI-P3. Otherwise, it has 5-Fold eye protection: risk-free dimming, dynamic dimming, circadian night display, low blue light, and dimming adjustment in low light. Risk-free dimming means free dimming risk. The dynamic dimming system saves energy and improves the dimming environment, it allows you to customize and specify dim to warm, tunable white, and spectral behavior. The Circadian night display regulates dimming by circadian rhythm. If you are watching the display under the sun, it will be dimming the highest; if you open the display under the covers, it adjusts to the lowest. It also will regulate lights by sunrise and sunset. At the same time 18:00, it comes bright in summer and comes dark in winter. This function is automatic to protect the eyes, and its sensitive to light strength. Low blue light lows damage to the eyes and skin. As we all know, blue light brings us to skin aging, sleeplessness, and macula of the eyes……many people wear anti-blue light glasses to protect their skin and bodies. The low blue light function is quite vital for consumers. These protections will ease your eyes and extend your use time.


As you can see, many ways that HONOR 90 can help improve your eyes’ experience. You can choose your favorite color; record unforgettable moments of life with clear photos and videos; verify details with the camera system when you need to show your professional work ability...... What are you waiting for? Add this phone to your shopping list! Your eyes will thank you for it!