What You Need to Know Before Buying a Watch

Jose Simpton

People usually consider analog watches as traditional watches. They are suitable for business and formal occasions as well as dating. Digital watches are more casual. Analog digital watches are practical. You can wear one every day. They are suitable for work, too.

2. Watch materials. The material of two places on the watch are very important: the case and the watchband. The materials used in the case and watchband are different due to the brand, style, type and price. Parts on the watch case or watch surface can be made of plastic, resin, metal (such as steel, brass or titanium) and precious metals (such as gold, silver and platinum). The watchband is made of various materials, such as canvas, leather (real leather and fake leather) and rubber.

The prices of these materials vary greatly. Obviously, plastic will be the cheapest. Leather and other furs will be more expensive. Ordinary metals are common. Precious metal watches are the most expensive. These prices will vary according to the quality of valuable materials. For example, metals range from the cheapest 10K metal to the more expensive 18K metal.

3. Understand the power types. The movement type is the power source of the watch. Watches use three basic movement types: battery, Quartz and mechanical movement. The watch of the battery movement uses the battery as the only power. The inside Quartz transmit the battery power. The Quartz movement starts to operate. Mechanical watches rely on the wearer to wind elements manually or automatically.

Battery watches are the most affordable. Digital watches purchased in department stores or clothing stores are usually battery watches. Quartz watches are more expensive than traditional battery watches. Quartz watches are the most accurate of all different types. Apart from occasional battery replacement, they require little maintenance. Collectors are not favor of their simple design. The mechanical watch can be wound manually or automatically all day through the wearer's movement. This kind of watch is the most expensive and luxurious. Collectors admire the complexity of its design.