What Causes Smart Devices to Explode and How to Prevent Them

Jose Simpton

I am sure that you might have heard several stories on social media of instances where either the smart device or charging brick compulsively explodes due to the unit short-circuiting. I am also certain that you have come here today because you have the same worries and you want to know how you can prevent these incidents. In any case, allow me to remind you that chargers do not compulsively explode without any triggers. Such worries are founded considering the number of instances around the globe but you have to bear in mind that it is rare and the reports regarding such a subject matter represent only a small portion of the database of phone-related accidents. You are likely to experience them upon some triggering factors, and if you want to know what causes them and how you can prevent them, then you definitely have come to the right place! In this short but informative blog, I will share with you the common causes of the smartphone or charging brick suddenly resulting in explosions in order to help you prevent them from ever happening. So without any further delays, let's get right into today's discussion…

What Causes the Smartphone to Suddenly to Compulsively Explode?

The following are the factors that you have to take note of on what causes either the smartphone or charging brick to suddenly explode—

Manufacturing Defect

The most common reason why a smart device or charging brick explodes is due to a company defect. When a defect is present, it is understandable that the unit won't function as it is intended to. As a result, overloading or the device overheating causes it to malfunction even further which causes it to explode. There is nothing we can do about company defects but observe and become diligent of its early signs such as the abnormal increase in the temperature of the unit or the noticeable subpar performance of its battery capacity which includes the smartphone draining power fast or the slow charging time of the unit. Defects are also preventable if the company has a high level of quality control which is assured of in certified charging bricks and established mobile phones.

Substandard Chargers

Another common explanation for why a smartphone may explode is because of the uneven distribution of power while it is charging. Such an event is possible when the charger is low-quality or substandard. Not only is it made of subpar materials that easily fall apart, but it also has undergone poor quality control that makes it prone to short-circuiting as well. Imagine this–low-quality materials and poor quality control would always result in disaster. Thus, even though certified chargers are relatively more expensive, it absolutely pays forward to invest in them instead of cheaper varieties that are more hazardous than anything else.

Overload in the Internal Components of the Smartphone

If you are using mid-range and budget smartphones for heavy usage, chances are, your unit will almost certainly have a high temperature. If this is the case, the risk of the smartphone exploding is much higher because it causes the battery and internal components like the CPU and GPU to constantly overheat. You have to remember that it doesn't matter if the smartphone is utilizing LiPO or Li-Ion batteries, it is composed of chemicals that will result in a chain reaction if it is frequently exposed to high temperatures. The same event also happens if the smartphone is heating up as it is charging. In general, although it is entirely bad to use your unit while it is charging, it is recommended to turn it off or at least disable background apps once you notice it is starting to overheat.

Final Thoughts and How Do You Prevent a Smartphone from Exploding

The chances of a smartphone ever exploding are very low if you buy a certified type c charger because of its high-quality materials and extensive and rigorous quality-control process. Thus, it is absolutely worth investing in them because they somehow provide a sense of relief that they won't cause damage to your smartphone or property. Another way you can prevent them from exploding is to observe the early signs which include a hissing or popping sound, smoke coming from either a charging brick or smartphone, and abnormal long charges. And once you notice any of these early signs, you have to replace the chargers with a new one. But if the issue persists, it is likely that you have a defective charger or the problem lies with your smartphone unit. Nevertheless, it is best to bring your smartphone to the service center to have it tested whether it is malfunctioning or not.